Next-Run Collection

Purchasing collections from here will automatically put you into our next collection run for the corresponding waste type.

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Want a Future or Regular Collection?

Booking future or regular collections is very simple. Let's say you would like to book a collection every Saturday for the next 4 weeks, for us to collect 2 rubbish bags per week. Just simply order and Pre-Purchase for 8 bags and reply to our order confirmation email with your preference.

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General house waste

We collect General House Waste that includes anything that you can put in a general council wheelie bin. We also collect recycling such as plastics and cardboard as well as any general items laying around the house, as well as polystyrene.

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General Garden Waste

Collecting general Garden waste ranging from grass clippings, leaves and the lot. Garden waste gets taken to a special garden recycling facility that then gets turned into compost so please only book this if your bags only contain pure garden waste.

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