How it Works

We believe that getting your excess waste sorted should be as simple as ordering a pizza. Just simply head over to our booking page, follow the super simple steps and we will make your rubbish vanish!

As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Just simply book your spot on our booking page. Each suburb that we collect from has a specific day of the week that is shown on the booking form.

Step 2

Just simply get your collection ready throughout the week. Be sure to check out our collection rules and guide to ensure that your bags are packed correctly.

Step 3

You’ll get a notification by email one day before your collection is going to happen. Just simply put your bags out where we can get to them and you’re done!

Why Choose Us

We’re Changing The Waste Industry

We see waste differently to any of our competitors because we believe that regardless of where you are in life, where you have come from or even where you are going, everyone’s waste is the same.

That is why we treat every single collection as super important, and why you will always get the best service from us or your money back, guaranteed.

Have a Question?

Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to give you a hand.