Furniture Removal in North Shore Auckland

Disposing of old furniture is a real hassle. You carry large and heavy items around, struggle to make space in your car, and give yourself back pain. For some large objects, you need to call in friends and family members to help you and rent or borrow a van. If you want to skip all this struggle and still get rid of old and unwanted furniture, BinBuddy can help you.

Try North Shore Auckland's #1 Furniture Removal Serivce

We’ve quickly become one of the most beloved furniture and junk removal experts in Auckland and beyond, and for good reason. Our team is always friendly, and we offer a non-judgemental service. We will never question your circumstances or judge you for where you are in life. We’ll do our job and get out of your hair. We’re also very quick and efficient at what we do, often surprising our customers by just how fast we work. Our prices are fair and affordable, with rubbish removal service starting at only $5 per bag. Hiring BinBuddy is not a decision you regret. We’ve completed thousands of collections so far, with plenty of five-star reviews to show for our work ethic and great service. We guarantee we’ll give you the best service we can, or you will get your money back. We serve our community and like to give back, which means many of our proceeds are donated to worthy causes.

Unwanted Furniture Removal in North Shore Auckland

The furniture removal service we offering in North Shore can take care of almost anything you want to get rid of. We started off collecting rubbish bags and we still do, starting at only $5 per bag and quickly picking up anything you’ve left outside your front door. We provide household junk removal service and garden waste removal. But we can also get rid of larger items and old, unwanted furniture. This includes tables, chairs, beds, shelves and even white wares. Read More

Get Your Old Furniture Removed in North Shore Auckland

Q: How do I book?

A: If you’re only looking to have rubbish removed, you can easily book a collection spot using our website. If what you want to get rid of is furniture, we’ll need to arrange that specifically and give you a quote that represents the size of the collection. Such collections should be booked by requesting a call on our website, and we’ll get you a quote within 24 hours.

Q: What furniture can you take?

A: We can take almost all furniture you can imagine. We’re happy to take large items like beds and tables, and white wares like refrigerators, dishwashers and other electric appliances. We can also take smaller items like side tables, chairs or cabinets.

Q: Where do you collect from?

A: We operate in Auckland and Hamilton and travel to all suburbs in these areas.

Q: When can you collect?

A: We’re usually very fast with when we’re able to collect, but our available dates depend on what suburb you’re in. We visit each suburb on a certain day, so the collection day will depend on where you’re based and when we will next be near you. Get in touch with us to find out when we can collect.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Our prices depend on the items we’re collecting, so that you don’t have to pay for anything except the service we provide. This means we can’t give set prices. While we can provide an estimated quote before collection, we usually give you the final quote on site. Read Less

Quick Furniture Removal in North Shore Auckland

We started in 2020 as a small company taking care of rubbish and old furniture in Auckland and Hamilton. We have the capacity to take everything from small tables and cabinets to large beds and white wares like fridges and washing machines. It’s never been easier to keep your home tidy and clutter-free and get rid of old furniture you no longer want. Get unwanted furniture removal in North Shore Auckland with BinBuddy.

Get help with old furniture disposal in North Shore Auckland by filling out the form on our website.

Have Only Rubbish Bags To Collect?

Step 1

Just simply book your spot on our booking page. Each suburb that we collect from has a specific day of the week that is shown on the booking form. Our team is ready on Facebook for any questions.

Step 2

Simply get your bags ready and put them outside where we can get to them the night before your collection day. Ideal spots are beside your bins, beside your garage or where drivers can see them.

Step 3

You’ll get an email with all the information you need for the collection. Our team will stop by on the day and collect your bags. You will get a text confirmation once the collection is complete.

Why Choose Us?

Thousands Of Customers Love Us

We see waste differently to any of our competitors because we believe that regardless of where you are in life, where you have come from or even where you are going, everyone’s waste is the same.

That is why we treat every single collection as super important, and why you will always get the best service from us or your money back, guaranteed.

Have a Question?

Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to give you a hand.

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