Hard Rubbish Removal Auckland

Your council might offer a free hard rubbish collection in Auckland once a year but finding that out and then waiting for the date might be tedious and long-winded. If you want something fast, friendly, and stress free, then you’ve found the right company to help. Read More

Auckland Hard Rubbish Removal Made Easy and Convenient

At BinBuddy, we pride ourselves on being fast, flexible, and accommodating. We collect in each area we cover at least twice a week, which means you’ll always have a day that’s convenient for you. We also work with customers to find a reasonable price for collecting their hard rubbish. When you call us to request a hard rubbish pickup, we’ll ask for details and figure out something affordable. We also have no trouble collecting various kinds of rubbish in one pickup, including general waste, garden waste, and even whiteware. With us, you don’t have to worry about any bureaucratic mess involving your local council. When one of your appliances or old pieces of furniture breaks or is no longer usable, it’s just taking up space in your home. You usually want it replaced fast, and for that, you usually want it gone, faster.

If you want a company you can rely on for a satisfactory rubbish disposal routine, we’re here to serve.

What Exactly is Hard Rubbish?

Simply put, hard rubbish covers most furniture, whiteware, electronics, scrap metal, and even tree branches. These are items which wouldn’t fit inside standard bin bags, making them more complicated to dispose of for the average person. Many of these items also have special rules or laws regarding their recycling or disposal, which can be tricky if you’re handling them yourself.

In other words, our inorganic rubbish removal in Auckland would cover things like couches, cabinets, closets, chairs, tables, fridges, dryers, dishwashers, tree branches and large pruning, televisions, and computers. As long as we know what to expect before arriving, none of it is an issue. Hard rubbish does not include any garden waste besides branches, and it also doesn’t include anything potentially hazardous or toxic. These would require a different service altogether, one that we’re not able to provide. If you need garden waste removal service, or rubbish removal service in Hamilton, you can also contact us for our rubbish removal service details

That being said, if something does count as hard rubbish, we’ll take it! We don’t have any exceptions or limitations on size or weight. If it fits the category, it’s no problem.

Why is Hard Rubbish Removal Service Helpful?

You might be wondering why people wouldn’t simply sell or give away their old appliances rather than have them carted away as rubbish. It does depend a lot on the condition of the item, but sometimes the hassle isn’t worth it!

For usable furniture, it can be a massive nuisance to advertise in online marketplaces. People will haggle, demand you deliver, or just not show up. If a piece of furniture is especially old or worn, the money might not even be worth the headache. For cases like those, the best option is to remove it quickly, and that’s our speciality.

You’ll also find plenty of whiteware goods that are simply past their prime. These would cost far too much money to constantly repair, which wouldn’t be worth the trouble. In other words, if you don’t stand to gain enough money to warrant the inconvenience, it’s often better not to bother at all.

Get it Sorted, No Trouble!

We’re the top solution for community-minded folks taking care of their hard rubbish in Auckland. If you’d like to hire us, you can request a call under “Contact Us” or reach us through Facebook. Read Less

Have Only Rubbish Bags To Collect?

Step 1

Just simply book your spot on our booking page. Each suburb that we collect from has a specific day of the week that is shown on the booking form. Our team is ready on Facebook for any questions.

Step 2

Simply get your bags ready and put them outside where we can get to them the night before your collection day. Ideal spots are beside your bins, beside your garage or where drivers can see them.

Step 3

You’ll get an email with all the information you need for the collection. Our team will stop by on the day and collect your bags. You will get a text confirmation once the collection is complete.

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We see waste differently to any of our competitors because we believe that regardless of where you are in life, where you have come from or even where you are going, everyone’s waste is the same.

That is why we treat every single collection as super important, and why you will always get the best service from us or your money back, guaranteed.

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