Rubbish Removal Services Hamilton

With us, rubbish stops being a nuisance. You don’t have to worry about accumulating too much and what to do with it; from the moment you book a collection with us, it’s basically sorted. Read More

Affordable Rubbish Removal Service in Hamilton

As long as we can see and reach your bin bags, you don’t have to do anything else! When you make a booking, we come by on the selected day, pick up the rubbish, and send you a confirmation text. If you book several collections for the following weeks, you can call us to explain what you’d like, and we handle the rest. In other words, as long as we know what your preference is, we’ll make it happen.

We handle all sorts of rubbish here at BinBuddy, from general waste to garden waste to scrap metal to whiteware to e-waste. Most of the time, you don’t even need to sort it; we take care of that too. We start our services at just $5 a bag because no one should be unable to afford proper rubbish removal in Hamilton and also rubbish removal services in Auckland including garden wast removal and hard rubbish removal service. If we expect any delays in the time we provided, you’ll know in advance.

If you’d like to hire a company that respects all its customers, we’re glad you found us!

We Do Rubbish Pick Up for Our Community in Hamilton

We at BinBuddy see ourselves as a service first and foremost, which means we strive to do good jobs, not just to amass as many customers as we can. We try to offer the sort of good treatment that would convince people to hire us regularly. It was community support that helped us grow into a proper business, and we’ve never forgotten that. Part of our service has always involved sustainable and clean practices. After all, our job is to leave our area cleaner than it was before; why shouldn’t we do the same for the local environment?

Household Junk Removal Service

That’s why we always operate within the best practices of any proper rubbish removal company in Hamilton. We ask all our customers to keep their garden waste separate so that it can be recycled as much as possible. We also operate household junk pick up in any area we cover several times a week, making sure that no rubbish is left out for too long.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do in regular sustainable practices is entrust your rubbish to responsible companies. By choosing us as your junk removal service in Hamilton, you’re turning your convenience into a responsible act, too.

What Does Pricing Look Like?

We have standard rates for 60 and 120-litre bin bags, which can be booked very quickly and easily through our website. We also have the option to get a specific quote for particular large items such as washing machines or mattresses, which are a bit harder to standardise.

If you’d like to pay for a single collection, that’s easy through our site; if you’d like to arrange for several weeks of collection at once, that’s also perfectly fine! You can purchase however many bags you expect to have all at once, and you can call us to explain how those will be divided.

No More Hassle

If you want your rubbish pick up in Hamilton to be stress-free, you know where to find us. You can reach out for enquiries using our “Contact Us” section, and you can also find us on Facebook. Read Less

Have Only Rubbish Bags To Collect?

Step 1

Just simply book your spot on our booking page. Each suburb that we collect from has a specific day of the week that is shown on the booking form. Our team is ready on Facebook for any questions.

Step 2

Simply get your bags ready and put them outside where we can get to them the night before your collection day. Ideal spots are beside your bins, beside your garage or where drivers can see them.

Step 3

You’ll get an email with all the information you need for the collection. Our team will stop by on the day and collect your bags. You will get a text confirmation once the collection is complete.

Why Choose Us

Thousands Of Customers Love Us

We see waste differently to any of our competitors because we believe that regardless of where you are in life, where you have come from or even where you are going, everyone’s waste is the same.

That is why we treat every single collection as super important, and why you will always get the best service from us or your money back, guaranteed.

Have a Question?

Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to give you a hand.