Supporting Charities
In Our Own Back Yard
One Bag at a Time

What We Believe

BinBuddy was founded after the community rallied behind the Founders when they were in need. Seeing the power of the community support first-hand, the Founders continued with the rubbish collection with the intention of giving back to causes in our own backyard that are making a difference to people’s lives. This is something that runs through the core of who we are and why we are constantly looking to make a maximum impact around us.

How We Contribute


We nominate a charity every 3 weeks that we dedicate our hustle to and donating a portion of our proceeds. Many of the charities that we support are on the edge of doing something big for the community, and that need that little extra support to move to the next stage.

Charity Codes

Every Charity that we support has their own unique code. Every time you use that code at checkout, we donate a portion of the sale directly to that charity, regardless of what charity is nominated at #HustlingFor. Your support helps them on an ongoing basis to continue to do good.

Donate Time & Resources

We Often donate our time and resources, often our Truck, to charities to help them with getting their donations out to those in need. This helps them save on huge shipping costs and also tons of time where they don’t need to spend days getting donated goods to causes.

Charities We Are Backing

Nominate a Charity

If you are part of a charity or know of a charity that makes a big contribution to your local community then we want to hear from you. Just complete below form with as much info as you can and we will be in touch!